"The most ambitious of debuts"
Metal Hammer UK

"Their ingenious and frequently jaw-dropping epic "A Dream in Static" is one of the best prog metal albums in recent years … God be with them trying to follow this one up."
Blabbermouth.net 10/10

"A Dream In Static is a magnum opus of infinite proportions." – Sea of Tranquility 5/5

"Earthside score highly because their ambition is nothing short of deranged: Mob Mentality would be an extravagant 10 minutes of intricate bombast even without the input of the Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra, but thanks to this band’s joyous devotion to pulling out all the stops, the wild contrast between bursts of rugged riffing and waves of sumptuous strings makes most similarly inclined fare sound anemic and lazy by comparison."
The Guardian

"The arch stands complete and magnificent, a monument to the different voices, tones and efforts that were poured into this creation. It’s hard not to be moved by such a collaboration and move us it does."
Heavy Blog Is Heavy 4.5/5